Universal Jobmatch

From 19 November 2012, you can access our new free1 online job posting and matching service called Universal Jobmatch, which replaces all vacancy advertising services currently provided by Jobcentre Plus.

1 Your usual internet provider charges may apply.

  • Features of Universal Jobmatch
  • Universal Jobmatch will automatically match jobseekers CVs to your jobs.
  • You will have flexibility to manage your recruitment 24/7.
  • You can create and advertise your jobs online and these can be viewed by anyone looking for work using Universal Jobmatch.
  • You can invite matched jobseekers to apply for your job.
  • Explore the number of potential jobseeker matches before posting a job, and receive an anonymous list of matches.
  • You can post multiple jobs onto the service in one go.
  • Save and re-use your job postings and jobseeker searches.
  • Universal Jobmatch is available in both Welsh and English.

What happens to jobs I’m currently advertising with Jobcentre Plus?
They will still be available for jobseekers to view and apply for.
If I currently e-mail jobs to Jobcentre Plus will I still be able to do so?
Once you’ve accessed your Universal Jobmatch account, you will no longer need to email your jobs to Jobcentre Plus. Instead you will simply load them directly through your account.
How do I access my Universal Jobmatch Account?
Whether or not you’ve already use our services in the past, here are the few simple steps you need to take:

  • Telephone us on 0845 601 2001 option 1 to confirm your company name and email address. (If you would like to speak to someone in Welsh please call 0845 6014441.)
  • We will email a link that takes you to the Universal Jobmatch registration screen.
  • This email will also include your Universal Jobmatch Employer Reference number. (This secure reference number cannot be given to you over the telephone.)
  • Use the link to access the account we’ve already created for you.
  • Register on Government Gateway if you haven’t already done so.

What happens once I’ve set up my Universal Jobmatch Account?
When you access your account for the first time you will need to:

  • Complete your recruiter details and
  • Agree to the Universal Jobmatch Terms and Conditions

Note: If you were already using our services prior to the introduction of Universal Jobmatch service, this will give you access to manage any jobs you were already advertising with us.
What happens if my company has multiple outlets or branches?
You may want to consider the following options before you set up your Universal Jobmatch account:
Option 1:
You could allow each outlet or branch to set up an independent Universal Jobmatch account and nominate recruiter(s) within the outlet/branch.


  • This allows each outlet or branch to manage their own recruitment independently
  • There is no need for central intervention


  • You will not be able to view all jobs posted across your company on Universal Jobmatch, as jobs can only be viewed and managed within the account they are associated to.

Option 2:
You could set up a single Universal Jobmatch account for your company and set up your individual outlets/branches as recruiters.

Advantages:You will be able to observe any recruitment activity carried out by individual outlets/branches

  • You can choose to have more direct control over the activity that individual recruiters are able to undertake.


  • Although recruiters will be able to view and manage all jobs within the account, if the account is for more than one branch or brand this may not be desirable. However, this can be managed by changing recruiter settings which you can do yourself within your account.

Note: If you represent a branch or outlet of your company, you should not set up a Universal Jobmatch account until you have consulted with whoever has overall responsibility for company recruitment.
If you have already set up your Universal Jobmatch account and wish to receive further advice about setting up recruiters across your multiple outlets/branches, select the ‘Contact Us’ option when you access your online Universal Jobmatch account and provide a brief description of your issue.

Can I put multiple jobs on Universal Jobmatch?
As well as posting single jobs through your Universal Jobmatch account, you can post a number of jobs at once. This is called ‘Bulk Upload’, through which you will be able to add, update, renew or expire jobs, either individually or in bulk.
In order to bulk upload you will need to be able to extract the jobs from your own system, transform them to fit the Universal Jobmatch template and load them into Universal Jobmatch.
If you would like more technical information about the bulk upload process use the on screen ‘Contact Us’ link, select ‘Other service related’ option and request ‘Bulk Upload Guide’

We will then email you:

  • the Universal Jobmatch bulk upload template and technical guide;
  • suggested next steps; and
  • contact details for additional support and to set up your bulk upload facility.

Further Help
If you require any further help or advice about setting up your Universal Jobmatch account, telephone Employer Direct on 0845 601 2001 and select Option 1 or if you would like to speak to someone in Welsh, please call 0845 6014441.
If you are a small company select call Option 2 to talk to our Small Business Recruitment Service who can also advise you on the range of support available for small companies.
For more about the range of services offered to companies by DWP, go to GOV.UK.